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Ahoy, my Piggywinkles!  Download these activity pages for some piratey-type fun!!

 Dreaming of Pirates
Farmer Greenbeard-Coloring Page  Dreaming of Pirates-Coloring Page
Word Search  
Greenbeard's Word Search  Packed Bag-Coloring Page
 Greenbeard's a-MAZE-ing Adventure!  Greenbeard's Finger Puppet Fun!


Snug Rumkin, gloomy again!  


“My daughter is head over heels for Greenbeard! As soon as she saw that this book came with a cuddly friend she was beyond excited to learn his tale and help him come to life . . . Greenbeard is lovable from the start, but he becomes so much more enchanting as he begins his transformation and adventure from his normal, every day farm life and begins to talk and act like a pirate. We have been reading a few pages each night in anticipation of the big day. My daughter is busy practicing her ahoy's and arr's just like her cuddly friend, Greenbeard.”