“In the back of the book is the Greenbeard the Pirate Pig
theme song sheet which had my children singing and dancing
as they started to role play along with their plush toy . . .
Stacie, www.simplystacie.net
"The storyline is silly and it is quite fun to read aloud. 
My little guy loves to sit in my lap while holding the plush
as I read the book to him . . . reading a book like this one is
really great in encouraging my kids to use their imagination.”
Jennifer, www.sugarpopribbons.com


(Ahoy!!  Ask your parents or guardians to send in a photo of you and Greenbeard!)


 A pirate lass!  A new friend!        Another guinea pig!  A proper pirate in pink!


 A treasure hunting we go...!                             'Tis a treasure chest!          ARRRR! 


Let's go for an ADVENTURE!!  I like hugs!!  I like cookies, too!  ARRR!      Please hurry...I'm hungry!!

Ahoy! 'Tis a fine pirate suit ye be wearin'!